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Black and White Moonlight River Landscape, Free Download and Video Tutorial

Moonlight River free coloring page

Moonlight River

Moonlight River is still in progress, but phase I – imagining in black and white – is complete, and you can view the process, as well.

You can download the Moonlight River as a jpg or printable pdf on the download page here.

Mountains and Sea Sunset Time-Lapse Video

Mountains and Sea Sunset in Acrylics and Ink

I’ve created another version of Cascadia, this time with acrylics and ink.  Cascadia is the unique bioregion of the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and British Columbia, with its rugged mountains, fertile fields, and abundant sea life.

Cascadia in Acrylics and Ink

Cascadia in Acrylics and Ink

Cascadia is also available as a free coloring page and watercolor art download.

Cascadia Coloring Page

Cascadia Coloring Page

Cascadia- Watercolor and Micron Ink

“Afternoon Gossip” in Acrylic and Ink, with Time Lapse Video

Those naughty hens in my coloring page stash came out for a painting treatment, and I caught the whole thing on camera!  I hope the trance Indian music courtesy of is enjoyable!

Afternoon Gossip in Acrylic and Ink

Afternoon Gossip in Acrylic and Ink

Click Here for Free Afternoon Gossip jpg Download

Click Here for Free Printable Afternoon Gossip 8.5″ x 11″ pdf



What Else Can You Do With Coloring Pages?

Cleverpedia has some nice ideas for what you can do with your coloring pages when you’ve finished with the creative bliss of coloring:

  • Make a bookmark
  • Wrap a gift
  • Fold into an ornament
  • Decoupaging
  • And so much more!

There are many fun free coloring pages to choose from here, for winter crafting.


Owl in Acrylic and Ballpoint

I hope all of you had a great holiday!  It seems that the free Calendar coloring pages are a hit for downloading the last few days.  I’m so glad I made them.

Over the long weekend, I created my Owl friend in acrylic paint and ballpoint.  He was originally a coloring page, and I finally brought him to life on a 140 lb watercolor sheet.  He’s free to download, print, and enjoy!

Owl in Acrylic and Ballpoint Free Downloadable Printable Art

Owl in Acrylic and Ballpoint

Click Here For Free jpg Download

Click Here for free printable Owl 8.5″ x 11″ pdf

The Making of Continental Sunrise in Acrylic and Ballpoint Ink

I hope you enjoy this short slideshow about the process of painting and drawing one of my creative landscapes, “Continental Sunrise”.

Time for bold color! Continental Sunrise in acrylic and ballpoint

Continental Sunrise in full acrylic color

Continental Sunrise in full acrylic color

Click here for free jpg download of acrylic painting Continental Sunrise

Click here for free printable pdf 8.5″ x 11″ Continental Sunrise

I had a great time with this one, as usual.  I even recorded the process for a slideshow, soon to be posted.  I had the idea for the design and first created it for a chapbook for Exquisite Books is black and white.  I decided to come back to it with color.

I started with a watercolor paper, which is very thick.  The basic structure was sketched out, painted, and then I went over the lines and added detail with silver and gold gel ink.  The painting has the colors of the rainbow, including the embellishment of red prismacolor pencil at the bottom and around the sun at the top.

November and December 2017 Free Calendar Coloring Pages

The calendar coloring pages are all ready for printing and coloring!  I just spent the last month cranking these out, and it was an amazingly exciting process.  I’m really happy to be done with them, though.   The inspiration for November, “Frost Moon” came from “California Dreamin'” and remembering the quiet beauty of tiny, chirpy birds on the bushes– in this case, dormant roses.

November 2017 Frost Moon Calendar Coloring Page

November 2017

Click here for free “Frost Moon” jpg download

Click Here for free printable November 2017 coloring page pdf

The inspiration for December,”Long Nights Moon” came from the landscape and environment happening right now in Northwest Washington.  The air is cold and dry, the sky is crystal clear, and the full moon is pulsing with electricity.  We don’t get many clear nights in the winter, so when we do it’s really special.

December 2017 long nights moon

December 2017

Click here for free “Long Nights Moon” jpg download

Click here for free printable December 2017 pdf

September and October 2017 Calendar Coloring Pages

September and October are the months of harvest and stocking for the coming cold months.  People and animals fatten on the abundant vegetation of the summer, and for cultures which traditionally depend on animals for protein needs, early fall is time for hunting.  Hence the month names for September and October.

September: “Harvest Moon”
September 2017 Calendar Coloring Page

September 2017

Click here for free Harvest Moon jpg download

Click here for September 2017 printable pdf

October: “Hunter’s Moon”
October 2017 Calendar Coloring Page

October 2017

Click here for free Hunter’s Moon jpg download

Click here for free October 2017 Printable pdf

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