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Calendar Coloring Page: March 2017 “Sap Moon”

In the early spring, as winter thaws an loses its icy grip, trees begin to draw moisture from the soil to rejuvenate themselves for the coming year; spring ephemerals such as wild onion, daffodils, and snowbells sprout and bloom.  I hope this calendar coloring page leaves you feeling the energy of a new year!  Feel free to download and print the page for your coloring pleasure.


March 2017 Sap Moon Calendar Coloring Page

March 2017- Sap Moon

Click here for free Sap Moon downloadable jpg

Click here for free printable March 2017 Sap Moon 8.5″ x 11″ pdf

Calendar Coloring Page Series: January 2017 “Wolf Moon”

I will be creating a calendar coloring sheet series for the coming year, and posting each month every other day.  January is finished, and ready to print and color:

January 2017 Wolf Moon

January 2017

Click here for free jpg download

Click here for free printable January 2017 8.5″ x 11″ pdf

“Wolf Moon” is one of many Native American names for the moon cycle after winter solstice.  I will be using a Native American moon name for the themes of each month.  Stay posted!

More Chickens! Hen Coloring Page

In case you haven’t had enough chicken in your life…

Afternoon Gossip Coloring Page

Afternoon Gossip

I call it “Afternoon Gossip” because in my imagination I can hear them talking smack about that other hen on the other side of the yard.  Download the image, or print it up and color it.  I’d love it if someone sent me a pic of a colored page!

Click here for Free Afternoon Gossip jpg download

Click Here for Free Printable Afternoon Gossip 8.5″ x 11″ pdf


Temperate Stream in Black Ink

I needed an project to work while listening to election coverage; perhaps you can benefit from relaxing into a coloring page to wind down from the excitement.  You can download the jpg to play around with or print the pdf right away.  Enjoy!

Temperate Stream- Black and White

Temperate Stream- Black and White

Click for free Temperate Stream jpg download 

Free Printable Temperate Stream 8.5″ x 11″ pdf

New Art- Honeybee in Watercolor and Ink

I’m excited to present a watercolor and blue ink version of my Bee coloring page. Bee has been popular as a coloring page, so I thought I should create a color version for downloading, greeting cards, and wall art.

Here are the links to download both original Bee images for free:

Bee in Watercolor

Bee in Watercolor

Bee in Watercolor jpg download

Bee in Watercolor 8.5″x11″pdf



Bee Black and White jpg download

Bee in Black and White 8.5″x11″ pdf

Sunflowers in Color and Coloring Pages!

Who doesn’t love sunflowers– especially on Halloween!  Okay, my timing is off a bit, but I am missing  the sun a bit.  It’s been sooo rainy in western Washington this month.  Really, three of five market days this month were a wash.  Still, folks came out to market!

Anyway, back to the sunflowers:



Sunflower was created in black micron ink on white paper.









Sunflower in Watercolor

Sunflower in Watercolor

Sunflower in Watercolor was created in micron ink, ballpoint, and gel pen ink, and water-soluble pastel.  It is so bright.

Both of these images are available for download on the Free Download Page on the main menu.  Thanks for looking!

New Black and White Coloring Page– Octopus

Octopus was hand drawn in black micron ink on white paper.  Enjoy!



Octopus Black and White 8.5×11″ PDF







Also, I have recently created a watercolor version on Octopus:

Octopus- Watercolor and Micron Ink

Octopus- Watercolor and Micron Ink

October Storms, Lots of New Stuff

The rain has come along with the change of seasons, so getting out to the market has been tricky, but I’ve still managed to get there in some capacity every Saturday.  The coloring page portfolio grows every week (updates in the Portfolio page coming soon), as has my colorful greeting card collection.  Here are a few of my new greeting card images:

I’ve been growing my Art on Re-purposed Wood collection for the market.  Here are a couple of pieces I have created:

Something coming down the pipe: more block printing!  I have discovered that I can easily print directly on salvaged wood for great effects.  More to come.  Thanks!



Rose on Wood- Ballpoint pen and wax pastel on pine shelving

September Update- Wood Art and New Cards

The month of August was very busy, creating original works on re-purposed wood and creating new images for greeting cards.  Among other original works, two of my favorite recent drawings on wood were Orange Mandala and Rose, in 12′ x 12′ pine shelving.  Orange Mandala went to a good home upon its debut at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market.  Both images will be available on greeting cards at the market.

I am preparing a new batch of greeting cards for the market this weekend, including the holiday series I’ve been working on all summer:

Still to come: updates of my black and white coloring images… I have to get them scanned by a pro, then stick them in the portfolio.

Art Update- June 9

Holiday Doodle completed-click on image for more detail

Holiday Doodle completed-click on image for more detail

As mentioned in my previous entries, the pace of the rest of life outside of art has been picking up speed; the kids need help with end-of-school activities, preparing for vacation, and lots of outdoor time between gardening and visiting the swimming hole.  Fitting in time to work on art has been difficult, but nonetheless work has happened.  Holiday Doodle, the third piece of my holiday collection, is finally completed.

I used the same palette of colors as the other two works in the collection, Holiday Knot and Poinsettia: shades of red, green, and brown in colored pencil and ballpoint, and slivers of silver.  I outlined the main design in Sakura micron pen, as with the other works, and then filled in details with color.  For the design, I tried to lean toward being a little less curvy; still, curves always seem to pop up in my work.  I’m very inspired by mehndi design used in henna art, so I added some small repeating patterns within the larger mandala shapes.

As for the next piece in the collection, I haven’t got a clue yet.  Inspiration will come, though, particularly when things calm down later in the coming weeks.


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