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New Coloring Pages, Mixed Media Painting

There are times when we all feel like we’ve accomplished very little, but look back to find that we really did quite a bit of work.  In the last several weeks, I’ve been continuing to create 2108 calendar coloring pages, with my goal being to have them finished and available for free download by July.  Meanwhile, I created a couple more Farmer’s Market coloring pages:










Other Farmer’s Market coloring pages in the series I’m creating for a 20-page book:

I’m also contemplating starting a series of mindfulness or meditation quote coloring pages:

And I completed a mixed media painting which I’m not very excited about.  I started to record the process for a video, but realized halfway through that I was pretty unhappy with it.

Rolling Hills River

I’ll admit it, sometimes my work bombs.  But it’s okay, because I will paint again!


Horizon Calling in Acrylics, Ink, and Colored Pencil- with video

Horizon Calling

I was compelled to create a painting at a moment’s notice this week, and caught the whole thing on camera; interestingly, some of my favorite works were created in a short amount of time and with little effort.

This painting was created in response to hearing about my maternal grandmother’s passing.  I wanted to create an image that would resonate with her– she was fond of large mountains, being born and raised in the Rockies.  I tried to incorporate a bit of local flora (aspen and lodgepole pine) in the foreground with a dramatic landscape in the background.

If you’re interested, check out the video of the process:

New Coloring Pages: Creating a “Garden” Series

I’m working on creating a garden series for a coloring book.  Here are some new images created this week:


Garden Harvest














Owl in Acrylic and Ballpoint

I hope all of you had a great holiday!  It seems that the free Calendar coloring pages are a hit for downloading the last few days.  I’m so glad I made them.

Over the long weekend, I created my Owl friend in acrylic paint and ballpoint.  He was originally a coloring page, and I finally brought him to life on a 140 lb watercolor sheet.  He’s free to download, print, and enjoy!

Owl in Acrylic and Ballpoint Free Downloadable Printable Art

Owl in Acrylic and Ballpoint

Click Here For Free jpg Download

Click Here for free printable Owl 8.5″ x 11″ pdf

Coloring Therapy for Emotional Health

This brief news clip describes how coloring therapy is being used by mental health professionals for opening up patients who are otherwise uncomfortable talking, to encourage stress relief, and as a relaxing activity for socializing.

Opportunities and Resources in Collaboration with Support Agencies

downloadI am on a quest to figure out how to be an artist, not simply a doodler. I want to understand how people get their products of self-expression out into the world for interaction and appreciation. I didn’t go to art school, so I have been studying the arts culture on my own and posting my findings on this blog. In my research, I typed “Washington Artists” into the search engine and found the site about ArtsWA.

The Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA)  is a 35-year old state government agency which promotes art in education, builds leadership and participation in arts programs, and documents the interactions between the creative economy and communities. They provide support for all art forms, from fine art to writing to performance. It turns out that there are such government-funded organizations all over the country. Other western state arts support agencies include the Oregon Arts Commission, and the California Arts Council.

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My Experience Printing Greeting Cards

Harvest Knot

Harvest Knot

During the late summer, I tried my hand at selling greeting cards of my art.  I prepared some small images of my art, printed them on the laser printer at the library, and glued the images to blank cards.  They sold well at the farmer’s market, and I even sold a batch to a local natural foods store, where they sold out within weeks.

When I decided to have my art printed onto greeting cards, I searched the web for advice. I became overwhelmed by the choices available:  print myself with my own printer, or use print shop services?  Print directly on card stock, then trim it myself, or print on paper and then glue it on pre-cut cards?  Use an online printer, or a local print shop?  I spent several months over the winter mired in decisions.  I finally acted on several ideas, but quickly found out that for me, using a local print shop produced the best cards.  The process was a bit scary, though, because I hadn’t learned from my online sources anything about how to get from art to marketable cards.  The purpose of this article is to present my experiences, and what I learned from it all.

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Copyrights and the Sharing Revolution

A topic that comes up for beginning artists putting their art out into the world is often whether or not they should be concerned about copyrighting. If you ask a highly-paid professional artist or designer, it would make sense if they told you that their creative work has to be registered; but what about those of us who create very abstract, or frankly, less marketable art, just for the fun of it?

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Advice for Creatives with Fear of Rejection: Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang

rejection proofFor all but a few creative people, fear of rejection can really slow down the creative process.  We’re concerned about what others think, after all– that’s why we show off our work.  When we must invest a significant amount of money into our creative work to get it out into the world, the opinion of others becomes a meaningful factor in our decisions.  That’s why I take advice whenever I can from people with experience in the realm of being rejected, and even sometimes being successful, so that I can get some perspective on my fears.

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