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Two new Coloring Pages: “Breathe” inspiration, and “On the Lake”

I created a landscape coloring page, which I’ll be excited to put into color next week:

“On the Lake” is available as a free downloadable coloring page.

Also, I’m attempting to create a collection of “Inspirational Thoughts” coloring pages, and created a new one this week:






Continental Sunrise Coloring Page

I’ve created a black and white coloring page of Continental Sunrise, the acrylic and ballpoint painting that I made last summer after a cross-country train trip.  The sun is rising over the Rocky Mountains, and the high elevation plains roll in the foreground.

Continental Sunrise is available as a coloring page, in pdf format and in jpg.

Continental Sunrise Coloring Page

Continental Sunrise in full acrylic color

Continental Sunrise in acrylic and ballpoint

Canoe Ride

A still lake.  Deep inhalations. Gliding across the water…

Created in Micron Ink.

Canoe Ride is available on the free coloring download page.

Equinox Update: Markets and Gardening

Pumpkin Night

Wild Harvest: wild leeks, morels, and fiddleheads

Spring is finally here!  After all that pining for warmer weather for the last five months, temperatures are rising, there are longer periods between showers, and my work is starting to pile up…

I’m all set for the Bellingham Farmer’s Market this year, starting with a practice run at the last winter market last week, and officially starting Saturday, April 1st.  I’ve got several gardens coming along, and every windowsill of my apartment is full of seedlings.  With all of this going on, I still plan to have a new art piece for you to look at every week!  Happy Spring.

Mandala Painting in Watercolor and Ink with Video

I was feeling like going back to my zendala days (Zendoodle-mandala), so I created one on camera.  The whole process took about eight hours to do, but of course I did it over several days.

I used Sakura Micron ink for the lines with an 03 tip.  The watercolor was my kid’s old Crayola set from school.  Really.




You can make great art with any medium, with enough love.  Enjoy the video of the process in time-lapse!

Impromptu Acrylic Painting: Fire Eagle

Fire Eagle in Acrylics and Ink

Fire Eagle in Acrylics and Ink

I’m really excited about this new painting.  As I’ve described in the video about the creation of this painting, I didn’t plan it before I started.  That’s why there’s no coloring page yet.  Maybe I should do that soon…

Moonlight River Series: Acrylic, Pastel, and Ink Time Lapse Video

In this video documenting my process creating Moonlight River’s color version, you can experience the thrills and chills in time lapse!

Black and White Moonlight River Landscape, Free Download and Video Tutorial

Moonlight River free coloring page

Moonlight River

Moonlight River is still in progress, but phase I – imagining in black and white – is complete, and you can view the process, as well.

You can download the Moonlight River as a jpg or printable pdf on the download page here.

Mountains and Sea Sunset Time-Lapse Video

Mountains and Sea Sunset in Acrylics and Ink

I’ve created another version of Cascadia, this time with acrylics and ink.  Cascadia is the unique bioregion of the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and British Columbia, with its rugged mountains, fertile fields, and abundant sea life.

Cascadia in Acrylics and Ink

Cascadia in Acrylics and Ink

Cascadia is also available as a free coloring page and watercolor art download.

Cascadia Coloring Page

Cascadia Coloring Page

Cascadia- Watercolor and Micron Ink

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