This calendar series was created by Michele Bullock of Studio Inkcycle.  Anyone may use the images on this site for personal use or profit, royalty-free.

The themes I chose for this calendar series were inspired by Native American month names.  I feel that their moon names articulate their connection with time and place and made designing the coloring pages really fun.  Have fun coloring!

January 2017 Wolf Moon

January 2017 “Wolf Moon”

February 2017 "Hunger Moon" Coloring Page

February 2017 “Hunger Moon”

March 2017 Sap Moon Calendar Coloring Page

March 2017 “Sap Moon”






April 2017 Egg Moon Coloring Page Hand Drawn

April 2017 “Egg Moon”

May 2017 Flower Moon free coloring page

May 2017 “Flower Moon”

June 2017 "Strawberry Moon" Calendar Coloring Page

June 2017 “Strawberry Moon”

July 2017 "Thunder Moon" Coloring Page

July 2017 “Thunder Moon”

August 2017 "Corn Moon" calendar coloring page

August 2017 “Corn Moon”

September 2017 Calendar Coloring Page

September 2017 “Harvest Moon”

October 2017 Calendar Coloring Page

October 2017 “Hunter’s Moon”

November 2017 Frost Moon Calendar Coloring Page

November 2017 “Frost Moon”

December 2017 long nights moon

December 2017 “Long Nights Moon”










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