All of these works were created by Michele Bullock of Studio Inkcycle.  They are free to download and royalty-free, for personal use or profit.  Enjoy!


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May Flowers- micron ink, ballpoint, and colored pencil.

May Flowers

Fire Eagle in Acrylics and Ink

Fire Eagle

Watercolor Mitosis- micron ink and watercolor

Watercolor Mitosis

Rose on Wood- ballpoint and water soluble pastel on pine shelving

Rose on Wood

Many Stars- Hand drawn in black and violet micron ink.

Many Stars

Vessels- micron ink and watercolor


Loco Goat- micron ink and watercolor

Loco Goat

Ballpoint Feathers

Ballpoint Feathers

Horizon Calling

Orange Mandala

Orange Mandala

Cascadia in Acrylics

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Peacock Mandala- drawn in ballpoint, micron ink, and colored pencil

Peacock Mandala







Botanical Cells was created with seven colors of ballpoint pen and colored pencil

Botanical Cells

Big Top- Drawn in Micron Ink, colored pencil, and yellow crayon

Big Top

Poinsettia- micron ink, ballpoint, and colored pencil. Part of the Holiday series.


Holiday Series I- Holiday Doodle, part of a series of drawings created with the same palette of Micron ink, colored pencil, ballpoint, and gel ink.

Holiday Doodle

Holiday Watercolor

Holiday Watercolor

Temperate Stream in acrylics and ballpoint pen on watercolor paper

Temperate Stream

Watercolor Starburst

Ballpoint Blossoms


Holiday Knot

Rolling Hills River






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