The calendar coloring pages are all ready for printing and coloring!  I just spent the last month cranking these out, and it was an amazingly exciting process.  I’m really happy to be done with them, though.   The inspiration for November, “Frost Moon” came from “California Dreamin'” and remembering the quiet beauty of tiny, chirpy birds on the bushes– in this case, dormant roses.

November 2017 Frost Moon Calendar Coloring Page

November 2017

Click here for free “Frost Moon” jpg download

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The inspiration for December,”Long Nights Moon” came from the landscape and environment happening right now in Northwest Washington.  The air is cold and dry, the sky is crystal clear, and the full moon is pulsing with electricity.  We don’t get many clear nights in the winter, so when we do it’s really special.

December 2017 long nights moon

December 2017

Click here for free “Long Nights Moon” jpg download

Click here for free printable December 2017 pdf