I have some of my works printed on 5 x 7 inch, blank cards.  They come with envelopes, and were printed by a small company in Bellingham, Washington.
For wholesale and consignment orders, please email me at studioinkcycle@gmail.com to make arrangements.  I’m happy to send out free samples of the cards before you make a large order.  The prices listed include sales tax and shipping, so there are no hidden extra charges.


Price List:
  • 20 cards– $36/ $1.80 each
  • 30 cards– $48/ $1.60 each
  • 40 cards– $60/ $1.50 each
  • 60 cards– $80/ $1.33 each
  • 80 cards– $100/ $1.25 each
  • 100 cards– $120/ $1.20 each
 For consignment, I require at least $1.80 per card, depending on the ultimate price which the business charges for the cards in the store.


Cards Available:
For small orders under 20 cards, You can contact me at studioinkcycle@gmail.com to have your choice of cards mailed out to you.  I will accept a check for payment.  I charge $4.00 each for card orders under 10, and $3.00 for orders under 20, including shipping and tax.